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This is my Semester 4 Major Project at Billy Blue College.

There are currently over 51 million girls worldwide who are married (aged 15 to 19). This number will double by 2016. Girls living in the world’s poorest nations are mostly affected; child marriage is both a cause and consequence of poverty. Unveiled is an organisation which seeks to raise awareness of child brides in developing nations as well as raise funds for various community projects aimed at helping these girls.

For the awareness campaign, I will be designing an informative publication, print/web advertising material, a guerilla ad campaign and invitations to the fundraising space.

The main vehicle for raising funds is an interactive gift registry space which can operate in different environments. It sells four ‘products’ – education, health, legal aid and refuge/support centres – as well as giving people the opportunity to write letters to the people who have the power to change government policies and thinking on harmful traditional practices.

There will also be an Unveiled website which is responsible for both functions; providing information about the issue, viral marketing through social media networks and an online fundraising page.

Follow my progress on Twitter and get involved with polls to help me understand the target market and get feedback on my designs. Even though this is not a ‘real’ organisation, I hope to generate as much awareness as I can over the next few months and link people with existing organisations who provide similar services. Let’s get fired up about this.

Please take a few minutes to do a 10-question survey here

Poll #1



Thanks for voting, please leave any additional comments below. Stay tuned for updates!

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  1. Jan Chatterton permalink
    16 August, 2009 19:50

    You go girl! Raising awareness is always good

  2. Lotta Blomberg permalink
    25 September, 2009 18:18

    Great work Meg, I’m proud of you!

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