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diary of a sleep-deprived designer on a deadline

19 November, 2009

rather than tweet all my random thoughts, i thought i’d try putting them all on here..starting with this one:

2:22am | love how all the BBers’ status updates over the past few weeks have been solely about manifestos, css, binding and lissa

2:23 | has it been this cold all night or are my legs just slowly dying from lack of use?

2:26 | love writing complete bs and knowing i’m the only one who’ll ever know :)

2:31 | in an effort to keep warm, i’m now wearing an odd assortment of neutral-coloured garments which work surpisringly well together: grey flared trackpants, cream knit dress and grey knit 3/4 swing cardigan.

2:43 | listening to Babylon just made me think of Phoenix and how so far there’s been jealousy on both sides from outside this relationship. werd

2:47 | why does drinking just one cup of tea make me want to pee so bad?

2:48 | I really should print out some sample pages to see if this is actually working..(just tried to cmd + s this page..)

2:53 | is it weird that my manifesto’s gone from obscenely formal to rather casual over the space of a few pages?

2:55 | DROP CAPS!

3:00 | funniest status-comment convos going on right now..we’re such nerds

3:10 | hot chocolate with cream? yuh-hum! (that almost empty jar of nutella was just begging for it, but i resisted in the name of..whatevs, can’t think of anything)

3:14 | dewdrops

3:16 | methinks the Davo formal is over..lots of raucousness to be heard outside. firecrackers even.

3:21 | die itchy sunburn, die!

3:40 | “and the mischief we make”

3:46 | so over it! wonder if i should just make this bald eagle for ruth already..

4:01 | heee..looks more like an old vulture with earmuffs right now

4:17 | facebook, you ruin my life. about to print a test page. *brain tries to work out how to time everything to maximise efficiency tomorrow…starts smoking* i should get larsypoops on it. good ‘ol Mr Efficiency

4:22 | crack back jack lack snack pack dack clack smack rack hack sack tack whack

4:37 | Mr Eames, your DSW chairs were clearly not built for falling asleep in

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