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You know it’s nearing crunchtime when..

26 October, 2009 find files on your mac called “face”, “bakgrnd” and my personal favourite, “swtahces”. Then there’s others that simply go by “1”, or if i’m feeling energetic, “pic1”.



(not sure where this is from. could be , , or )

I’m making it my new goal to ——–. (Censored because the less I talk about something that’s going to happen, the more likely it is to actually happen.)

In the past few days I’ve learned that:

1. There’s a fine line between being compassionate in letting asylum-seekers into the country and condoning the people-smuggling trade.
2.  Cancerians are supposedly sensitive, sensual, protective and can be clingy. Taureans like myself are prone to “extreme jealousy”.
3. Those 3D pictures with the black, white, red and cyan are called anaglyph images
4. I can actually code a website that looks half decent.
5. I still cringe at anything to do with money, especially doing paid work for friends.
6. There are some very creative, imaginative, crazy people out there.
7. I can be surprisingly blonde after consuming large quantities of the vinous beverage otherwise known as goon.
8. I’ve unwittingly added a lot of screamo to my iTunes. 
9. It’s difficult to wake up before 11 when it’s cold in the middle of October.
10. Dukkah is absolutely yummy. 

Apple a day pocketlace

From my Apple a Day series on my new blog, pocket lace. Check it out. I’ll be posting recipes, DIY stuff, some of my random sketches, travel and the usual design and fashion.


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