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even though i’m here, you know that i’m already gone

4 October, 2009
my life consists of two things right now:

brochure + advertising + interactive space + website design..

..and writing.

it started out as a story for glenn but has progressed into something more. and i’m glad it’s helping me get in touch with my more thoughtful, intellectual, ‘bigger’ side. and delve into emotions of the past few months that i still haven’t quite come to terms with. they usually come out at the strangest of times because of my tendency to just put itunes on shuffle. i’ll be sitting at my desk ensconced in my work when all of a sudden my stomach knots, my heart starts racing and i’m overcome with a mix of feelings including one or more of wistfulness/shame/delight/frustration/excitement/loss/hope/loneliness. all because of a song.

i started reading ‘blind willow, sleeping woman’ by haruki murakami and it’s inexplicably been helping me see things more clearly as well as influencing the way i write.
i don’t even care if i finish or not, but it’s become my therapy; something long overdue.
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