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past the city and the thieves, past the wolverines and trees until the sunrise in the electrical storm

23 August, 2009


if the colours were different, i guess it could look like a karate uniform. don’t know why i can’t get enough of this shirt though, it’s not even that comfy. the flower = i didn’t like the look on my face so decided to ‘artistically’ cover it up.

tried to do a spot of non-clothes shopping yesterday..ended up getting a new cozzie, black leather-look backpack, some canvas shoes and various cosmetic items to help me get ready for summer. must go back to T2 sometime soon and try out some of their flavours. we’re fast becoming tea addicts in our house, i think i counted 12 different varieties the other day.

today is gorgeous and sunny, so i’m gonna try and force some unsuspecting victims to come to the beach with me, even though there’ll probably be a southerly coming in by the time i get there. mwuahaha. it’s either that, or sitting around reading weekend papers and telling myself that it counts as research for my major project. the coming week is a big week though, so i need to get cracking asap.

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