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the one where i actually write stuff about what’s going on in my life

29 July, 2009

had my first class back at college today. it still felt surreal. like sitting there in a class full (it actually was full – i reckon there were at least 20 people in there..) of people i’d seen around before but never spoken to. awkward hellos to old classmates. minute-long catch ups with the people i actually wanted to spend time with. chatted to dawn about my major project and things seem to be on track. and i found after my class that things became clearer re the brief, which i’m guessing will happen with subsequent classes. i signed up for project studio once i figured out the right email address *grr this college is so disorganised* might do a flash short course too if it’s free/get lars to teach me seeing as i missed out on it last semester, and will now be learning aftereffects this sem when i already did it at berghs.

a pretty picture..because the world needs more prettiness

a pretty picture..because the world needs more prettiness

i got a new student card, with possibly my worst id photo yet. might do a wall of shame some time. my skin appears to be simultaneously green and red.

in true nerd style (i have glasses, had braces, like…does that qualify me as a true nerd?) i went to the library and tried to take out more than the limit of 3 books. enjoyed reading MTIV by hillman curtis for a time, before falling into a hyper-sleep (the ones where your heart rate doesn’t go down and your head is pounding yet you are still somehow asleep..i’m hoping others experience a similar phenomenon)

Picture 45

spent far too long in woolies for the lightness of the shopping bags. with dad as usual..let’s just say he’s not good when it comes to having too many choices. made an asian style fish pie for dinner. might have left some of the fish praying i haven’t foo-poisoned my family. watched the world’s strictest parents, featuring a south african family from alexandria, a snobby pampered princess bitch from adelaide and a guy who just got into trouble a lot from ballina. it was quite lovely seeing him bond with the mama and end up going back to school to make something of his life.


wallabies in bendigo

job wise, things have been on hold since my last roadtrip to bendigo. it was fun. too much fun. and called my integrity into question, something that’s been happening alarmingly often these days. saturday night was almost a carbon copy of the previous one, except i only got home after 4pm on sunday. mom thought i’d done a runner. and i managed to lose my cross chain amongst other things. i almost cried when i realised it was gone. i get paid on friday for the last time in while before i get my tax return..will try not to spend it all on drinks and other necessities. doing a bit more designbay stuff..including a competition to redesign the nsw logo seeing as the current one looks more lotus than warratah. 

Mei NSW1

one idea for nsw logo

still trying to catch up with people, might be easier now that i’m not working 10 hour days anymore. had nachos and brownies with bec and ness last night, tried to chat about above integrity issues but failed due to presence of father in next room.

oh and my annoying blushing habit seems to have returned with a vengeance. family, friends, strikes indiscriminately at the strangest of times. 


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