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14 July, 2009

heavily influenced by the popularity of masterchef in my household, i decided to do a bit of cooking. the day of culinary delights began with brunch – 3 pieces of french toast with sour cream, apricot jam, cinnamon and nutmeg. unfortunately my lovely dad decided to make dinner too and got in first while i was out buying ingredients, so what followed was an intense hour in the kitchen fighting for stovetop space and misplacing the tea towel one too many times. his beef stroganoff was heavenly though, even with the double quantity of spices because he forgot to halve the recipe. and tomorrow when i get back from work after 10pm, i have a delicious-smelling artichoke casserole (with leek, spinach, bacon and 3 cheeses) to look forward to. dessert was crepes filled with strawberries, ricotta and chocolate a la andre.


recipe by sabra krock via {}

and while on the subject of food and flavours, i discovered tonight that a bit of white chocolate with green chai tea go ever so well together.

now just listening to a bit of michael j and trying to rev myself up for work tomorrow. knocking on doors in the dark and cold. with a badass cough that seems to scare people. and because i missed today, i’ll have to smash the gong for sure to make enough money for the week. transport is killing me these days without having a student card.

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