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thought for the day

20 May, 2009
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{pesquiera via ♣}

this morning, i had a gatsby moment. when the whole world seems to shimmer with possibility. my mind was acutely aware of everything i was seeing. the gin bottles peeking out from behind various other empty beverage containers. the water beneath the bridge that was just like that colour derwent pencil i hated. the elderly man carefully placing his red bowling bag just so on the train. the minute sugar crystals in the marmalade. 

we heard a talk by helene schöldsten from microsoft yesterday about working in a global environment. so i don’t forget, and so anyone else can be inspired by this too, this is what i got out of it.

❉ don’t be put off by job ads asking for the perfect person
❉ have a key message for every job interview, your USP. be genuine about your strengths; never lie.
❉ don’t dismiss cultural differences just because you’re still within the western world 
❉ try to establish tonality as soon as possible (ie american ‘fabulous!’ = swedish ‘good’ and finnish ‘ok’)
❉ be aware of company hierarchies and politics
❉ be humble, but take initiative
❉ it’s ok to feel scared or nervous, just know when it’s appropriate to show it
❉ in meetings, especially if you’re not 100% fluent in the language, just listen out for the key points; ignore all other crap 
❉ most importantly, never try to conduct a focus group in japan

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