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changing spaces

19 May, 2009

hoangshiftingspacechandeliean hoang via

i’ve now called 10 places home in my 20 years on this planet. so an’s work really captures something of my memories of spaces. sometimes it’s a time of day or a texture that reminds me of a specific one. but most often i see my room in all its different forms blended together. the same furniture, same colour green that i would try to put on everything, same lightness, but holding such different meanings. 

the place where i would kneel down and pray. where i stayed up past my bedtime reading under the covers with a torch. where i almost set my bed on fire. where i created different worlds in my closet. where i waited for him to call every night. where i would escape the heat of the schoolday. where i studied so long and hard, my back moulded to the desk chair. where we lay for hours thinking quietly to ourselves. where i panicked at 3am that i would never get it finished in time. not perfectly anyway. where the windows glowed outside mine (which i could never open alone). where i fell asleep in the sunshine and woke up alone in a sea of covers that were always too big for one.

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  1. tommza permalink
    19 May, 2009 10:11

    I have the same place I waited for her text messages every night too.

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