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happy thoughts. happy thoughts

6 May, 2009

i actually do have happy thoughts these days. contrary to blog-appearances.

mentiras_piadosas_contactisn’t this just chillingly beautiful? title design by Juan Manuel Codó and Julian Martin. would love to try something like this in aftereffects one day.


and this just made me gasp. by Howard Nourmand. other rorschach stuff is equally amazing. see watchmen and the ‘crazy‘ music video for gnarles barkley. the thing is, i usually hate symmetry.

and now for a spot of colourful whimsy.


found another collagey designer. similar to emmanuel polanco. his name is eduardo recife and i’ve had him bookmarked forever. lovely lovely.

am wondering if it would be imprudent of me to watch casablanca at work tomorrow. life is 80% love, 20% fighting. or so i’m told. i’d say there’s an extra 30% in there of total incurable indifference.

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  1. Tom permalink
    8 May, 2009 03:48

    reminds me of sin-city.

    the 2nd pic is really pretty though.

    casablanca is a pretty cool film

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