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24 July, 2008

Watching Project Runway, reading the Sally Jane Vintage blog and not being able to find a single LBD I like has led me to take matters into my own hands again. I think having a sewing project on the go will keep me sane in the first few weeks of semester when we don’t do much work (hopefully) but I’m rearing to go. So… after being inspired by a dress from a Royal Doulton ad on the back on my HB mag, and the one-shoulder beauties from my Eve mag (why hadn’t I found this English gem before??) I’m taking the plunge…

…with M5269 (but shorter of course). I might try adding a shoulder strappy thing instead of the little sleeves, depending on how it all works out. And I will try again to get the Vogue pattern for which I bought fabric ages ago. Hopefully my perfectly fitting grey high-waisted pencil skirt will be done by the end of this winter.

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  1. bandelle permalink
    1 August, 2008 16:28

    Oh, I can’t wait to see it! Good luck with the project.


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