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Lists and plans

11 June, 2008

I love writing lists and making plans. I find myself doing it all the time now as my Brisbane trip gets closer (!) The thing is, I hate all the notepaper I write them on. I have these little pads of floral paper and fluoro post-its. Next time I go to kikki.k, Paperchase or other stationery shop, I shall get some pretty paper to make things even more fun!

My list for now:
1. sleep!

2. finish remaining assignments

3. get a massage (I’ve been needing one since this time last year, and the place is just up the road, but I still haven’t gone…)

4. do something nice yet non-interrupting for Tom because he has exams on. I don’t want to bug him when he’s ‘in the zone’ studying, but still want him to know how much I love him

5. scrapbook! I haven’t gotten around to scrapbooking about SA, and I’m scared that the memories are already starting to fade after 4.5 years. This was the reason I started scrapbooking in the first place…I think I’m noticing a trend here, but then again, I’ve always had trouble finishing what I start :(

6. get a huge corkboard so I can stick up all my pretty pics and ephemera and not have to worry about pulling them all off the walls when we move house

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